issanka peiris

issanka peiris

dimanche 4 août 2013

Warning, Issanka Peiris from Aluthgama- in Sri Lanka is dangerous

I made this blog to warn women and tourists about ISSANKA PIERIS from Aluthgama - Bentota  and beach boys in Sri Lanka, especially in the south west coast (Bentota, Aluthgama, Negombo, Mirissa, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, ...).

Issanka Peiris ( or Isanka Peiris, Esanka Peiris, Sanka Pieris, there are many ways to write his name... ) is from Aluthgama / Bentota beach and he's a really dangerous man.

The beach boys works with tourists (guides, surf teachers...) . They are born in the touristic area so they know tourists very well, especially women. In fact a lot of female tourists come there to have sex with them (and give them money or buy expensive gifts) .
Some of this boys are dangerous, manipulative men, they are really smart and know how to convince people.

This is my personal story but If u have a look at some travel forums about Sri lanka you will find many posts about boys like Issanka and how some women went trapped. "My" story is unfortunately quite common.

I had many troubles because of him, even with the police.
I was with him from august 2012 to august 2013 but he had many girlfriends at same time : all victims like me who are trying to get over what happened to them...
Please if u have other informations about Issanka or if u have been a victim of this king of guy, write an email to this adress :

How to recognize ISSANKA

about 1m70, muscled, curly hairs, he wears often tanks top and shorts, bracelets, really dark skin, tatoos (1 big tribal on the left arm, 1 heart on the belly,  flowers on the forarm ) . He has a white tuktuk. U can see pictures of him under this post.

In Aluthgama everybody knows him well. But nobody will tell the truth about him because they are his friend or they are scared. He can be really violent (he hits people, shouts, insults, breaks everything and he has been violent with me and some other girls) , he always has lots of troubles with police.
He stays often in Aluthgama's main road, to "guide" tourists. He stays in the market on monday and helps tourists (to get money). He is often on Bentota beach to practice surf. He works sometimes in a boathouse in the river road. He brings often tourist at Nebula's restaurant. He stays sometimes in Hikkaduwa, in Mirissa, in Kataragama (he has a big part of his family there who sell drugs) or in Arugam bay. His family lives near the river (small house where his mum-dad-brother-sister-2 dogs live) . All the family help him to "trap" tourists. Never trust them too, they will seems really nice and really sad about their son's behaviours but in fact they help him!! They are cunning.

Issanka is always really helpfull with tourists, kind, smiling, charming, he can speak lots languages (good english, german, bit of russian, of french) , he is really polite... That's how everything starts...

What HE says, his lies :

-  He never takes any heroïn and hate drug dealers
-  He has been in jail  because of a bad policeman (never his fault!)
- He had really few girlfriends because he is really romantic, different,  and he wants to findt he good one (of course the good one is you), never touched any other women since he meet u
-  He stopped drinking
-  His back is broken because of a motorbike accident
- Some rich women want to marry him but he always refused because he wants to find real love
- He never proposed to anybody to marry him or have a baby with him
- Everybody likes him because he is different,
- A Lot of people are jealous of him, thats why they are not nice with him 
- He never brought any woman at home, his family never meet any of his girlfriends before

His behaviours :

- He seems really sensitiv man,
- He can cry a lots, with "real" tears, in front of u (i still dont understand how he can do that!),
- He can be crazy jealous and accuse to cheat on him all the time, when u walk in the street he says that u look at all the men...
- He buys a lots of gifts (with the money he get from prostitution) and brings everyday at home all the stuff you like (the food u like ...),
-He speaks a lot about tsunami time and war time to make u feel sorry for them
- He is always really romantic: for example, he will bring flowers everyday for you and put it in your hairs (that's his big "thing")
- he can send you 50 texts per days to tell u how much he loves u, call u days and nights for hours, spend hours and hours on skype with u to make u believe that he loves u... but its just "his job"=> MONEY
- When he introduces u to people he says that u are his wife, the love of his life, says always nice things about his girlfriend in front of everybody. But at home he tells you how much you are a  bad girlfriend, how white woman are bad, that they just to have sex with black man (thats his way to manipulate, because its actually what HE DOES)
- He can be really soft, really lovely, kind, romantic,helpfull when u have a trouble and sometimes he can be really crazy, insulting, violent, using knifes (probably when he needs his heroïn)
- He tries to make u crazy until u hurt yourself or himself, and make you believe that U have a problem. He really put my life in danger many times, hurted me and made me hurt myself too.
- When u start to have doubt about him, he says that he will kill himself, he tries to frighten u (he loves to use a knife to scare u!!)
- He brings u often to temple to show u how much he is a good boy, a good buddhist, and pray for u and ur couple!
- He always get fone calls and directly desapears for one hour minimum  (to sell/get some heroïn)
- He comes back at home with money (from sex or drug dealing) but this money desapears in one day, sometimes in one hour and he says that he just lost it, that it was in his pocket and doesn't know what happened...
- He always asks money ( generally 1000 rupees ) and says that he will give it back to you soon (sometimes he doesn't, sometimes he does, after fucking old tourists for money)
-when i  understood that he is involved with drugs, he even brought me to see a policeman  to convince me that he is "clean". this time, the policeman (i've seen him before) was alone, and not working. when issanka asked him in front of me if he takes or sell drugs, the policeman answered "no". but when issanka went anway, i looked back and behind issanka's back he told me that "yes, he does".
--> I tell this story to show how much Issanka is manipulative and not scared about anything to convince u!!!!

The truth:

-This man is a big heroïn addict and alcooholic, i found out everything after many months because he knows how to hide everything (he never did it in front of me and came back "home" only when he was clean.)
Very smart, always perfect excuses, never shows any weekness.

-He is romantic to better "trap" you. He can do anything for u, whatever u ask, all the most romantic stuffs to proof his love... But what he can't do if u ask: telling the truth, let u come with him when he get this "strange calls", let u come with him when he goes to meet "this tourists" (except if u stay in the tuktuk), never let u use ur fone anymore after he used it...
He will "loose" u fone after he used it, or break your simcard

- His back is broken because of a desease that he got from a bacteria. He got this desease because of heroïne. He had an operation in february 2013 that costed 1 million rupees, paid by another woman.

- I'm quite sure that he is an heroïn dealer too (lots people called him - he gave them a prices, and then desapeared for hours...)

- He uses different fones, simcards and skype accounts to communicate with dealers and women

- He get lots money from lots differents women, and he uses  his sister's banking account (Indika) to get money from women. So his sisters (Indika and Sachila) help him to trap girls.They always protect him and lie a lot.

- He has really dangerous friends (murderers, rapists, junkies, dealers). They brought me everywhere but i was not allowed to say anything and to see anything (i had to stay in the tuktuk). Some guys really scared me, thats how i started to find out the day, i didnt stay in the tuktuk and i followed them, they saw me and directly brought me home. After this day, i was not allowed to go with him anymore when he met people.Some policemen even came to check me, they thought that i was an heroïn dealer!! what a shock!! Fortunatelly, the issue was good but when i remind all this, i think i could have really serious problems with that horrible man!!!!

Warning!! if u know him and if u find out something about him, he will tell u more lies, he will NEVER admit, and he will have very very very good excuses all the time.
He will make u believe that EVERYBODY is crazy : if u see this website and tell him that you found a website about him, he will say that I am a crazy ex girlfriend, that i'm a jealous woman . (he said the same thing to me about his ex and about the personns who tried to warn me).

That's what he does, tells that other people lies when HE actually does.

He loves to say that women are crazy about him and that they lie because they are jealous and in love with him.

Warning! This guy brings tourits for tours in Sri Lanka! Please, never go with this man or his friends or family! He drives without licence, drunk or high because of heroïne. If he doesnt drive, he will come with you in the van, try to cheat on you with money (he will convince you that he gives you the best prices, that he is the only one who don't cheat on tourists). Don't make any business with him, don't let him follow you in the shops...  Just be really carefull with them!!! 

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  1. Oh my god... I know this man too!!!
    Unfortunately every single word in this story is true, i can confirm it, because I have spent some time with him too.
    And there are a lot of details which are not even mentioned in this blog... so be careful.
    This man is already well-known because of bezness.
    If u want to have a unforgetable holiday KEEP AWAY FROM HIM!!!

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